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What's New?

  • Ahemmusa Moved

    Ahemmusa Moved

    This mod actually moved the Ahemmusa camp into the ruins of Ald Draedroth, leaving abandonned yurts at the original site. Moves vanilla NPCs and re...
  • Nibenay Cabin

    Nibenay Cabin

    --- Nibenay Cabin --- (house mod for TESIV: Oblivion) by doubledeviant (aka iamnone) --- This mod allows you to build a cabin on a peninsula in...
  • Better Quest: Earana (Fingers of the Mountain)

    Better Quest: Earana (Fingers of the Mountain)

    --- Better Quest: Earana (Fingers of the Mountain) --- (mod for TESIV: Oblivion) by doubledeviant (aka iamnone) --- This mod adds a new resolut...

Downloading mods from Great House Fliggerty Downloads work around.

As many of you have noticed there has been some issues with downloading mods from Great House Fliggerty Downloads. If you have been following our threads on the subject you'd know that Fliggerty has been trying to complete a server migration in the spare time that he has in RL. and until he gets it finished it is likely that mod downloads will continue to be plagued with issues.

If you need a mod from Great House Fliggerty you can always take the url that appears in your browser's address bar after clicking the download button (the url on the page with all of the errors), and plug it into the Wayback machine. Note this may not work for all mods.

Here is the link to the wayback machine:

Thank you all for your continued support, and patience.
we at Great House Fliggerty appreciate it.

Associating Your Mod With A Release Thread

One of the features we have created here is a field that you can use to associate your mod with a forum thread. There are a few things about this that I want to make sure everyone is aware of.

1. When you edit your mod, if you haven't already added a thread URL, there will be a button labeled "Post (REL) Thread." This button will take you to the forum posting page of the relevant forum.

2. Also when you are in edit mode, there is a field that contains the BBCode that you can use to add a download button to a forum post. That button will take you directly to your download page here.

We are very excited about all of the new mods that have been uploaded lately, and definitely look forward to what the future holds!