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What's New?

  • Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul

    Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul

    MAO is a comprehensive overhaul of the sound and music system in Morrowind. Vanilla Morrowind is almost complete...
  • ASH 2.0 Ort Edit

    ASH 2.0 Ort Edit

    The orginal work by Scruggs contained a sack that allways stayed at 1 pound regardless of how many ingredients were contained inside. This edit of ...
  • Hortator Nerevarine Fix

    Hortator Nerevarine Fix

    Annoyed that after completeing house/guild quests and leveling high and getting ready to be named Hortator and Nerevarine, only to realise it is co...

Associating Your Mod With A Release Thread

One of the features we have created here is a field that you can use to associate your mod with a forum thread. There are a few things about this that I want to make sure everyone is aware of.

1. When you edit your mod, if you haven't already added a thread URL, there will be a button labeled "Post (REL) Thread." This button will take you to the forum posting page of the relevant forum.

2. Also when you are in edit mode, there is a field that contains the BBCode that you can use to add a download button to a forum post. That button will take you directly to your download page here.

We are very excited about all of the new mods that have been uploaded lately, and definitely look forward to what the future holds!

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Everybody who has previously hosted mods at GHF ought to send a "thank you" PM to latendresse76! Without his enormous help the past few weeks, this download feature would still be in early development stages.

Thank you latendresse76!!!!!!