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Hawkhaven v2.0

by Spirited Treasure

Adds a copy and paste of Pelagiad Halfway Tavern to Vivec.. Many many changes by me.. A house mod with myself added as companion inside... Can sleep 3 in the basement area. Along with high capacity trunks and closets for each companion's kit.One double bed for player is upstairs. Includes a batht...

Dryads Revamped

by Calislahn and Redwoodtreesprite and Spirited Treasure

===================================================================== Dryads Revamped by Calislahn,Redwoodtreesprite and Spirited Treasure ===================================================================== INDEX: -> Requirements -> About this mod -> Installation -> Playing this plugin -> Kno...

Suran - Gypsy Wagon Home v2.1

by Spirited Treasure

This is a Gypsy Wagon I've placed in Suran on the hill. It's a really pretty view and I just had to have this wagon in game. Take your desired van color from Kiteflyer's release package and rename as follows kb_gypvan_wtrd_ex_dr_01.nif kb_gypvan_wtrd_in_dr_01.nif kb_gypvan_wtrd_01.nif kb...

Tyra Banks in Morrowind

by Spirited Treasure

As Promised: Tyra Banks head in game. Three Mesh shapes to choose from. Pics included. Do with as you wish. Don't forget credits! Spirited Treasure Credits: Tyra Banks Fenrya and Better Heads Who made the original head- Gorg? Bethesda Spirited Treasure

Pale Beauty

by Spirited Treasure

A pale beauty I saw on Deviant Art and decided to try and make her head for Morrowind. Two choices. Pics included along with skins. I've included the Ren's shorter hair here. Do with as you wish. Don't forget Credits! Spirited Treasure Credits xx--s-t-a-c-e-y--xx Bethesda Gorg and Fenrya Be...

Caius Cosades Better

by Spirited Treasure

I dedicate this mod to Dark Diva, who was my one and only fan when I was working on the Caius Cosades mod. 1.) Caius Cosades better 2.0 ===Morrowind Only=== I am sick and tired of seeing Caius looking like a bum in a run down apartment. He is the Grand Spymaster of the Blades in Vvardenfell. ...

Bathroom Resource

by Spirited Treasure

This is a bathroom to merge with your house mods. It includes all the things you expect in a bathroom. This is a resource. It's the same bathroom as the one in the Caius Cosades better mod.This one has towels and washcloths. I would recommend renaming the cell to something other than just "bathr...

Better Clothes Bloodmoon Plus

by Spirited Treasure

[b][u]Better Clothes for Bloodmoon PLUS...[/u][/b] I am Weary of seeing male "packages" on every female even after 10+ years. Weary of the Bloodmoon pants and shoes never being done after 10+ years. [b]This mod adds Better Clothes style female pants to all the pants.. It adds bloodmoon pants fo...

Iminye Aundae's Tower

by Spirited Treasure

Iminye Aundae's Home A tower set on the lovely lake near Falensarano Stronghold. I'm using Vurt's trees and MGE XE. It is a copy of Master Aaron's tower with changes by me. I've included in the package, Dongle's tub with steam attached(As Pictured) Tub is NOT included in the mod However the mes...

Caius Cosades Redux

by Spirited Treasure

This mod Straighten's Caius bed. It picks up one turned over chair and one bottle. It gives Caius a shirt and trousers and shoes. It adds a lantern to the outside of his apartment. It adds a unique and playable Imperial Male head for Caius. It adds one player useable(unowned) high capacity chest ...

Boxer Short for Morrowind

by Spirited Treasure

Boxer Short for Morrowind. Now I bring a single pair of boxer shorts. -One pair for each mesh plus the femme ones.. All use Left knee slot. Male ones will become female when female wears. I like my guys to be comfy in game. All that running around gets sweaty and hot! Elaura asked me for the on...

[REL] Motierre Estate

by Spirited Treasure

This mod makes Francois Motierre's House useable after you have done the Dark Brotherhood quest "The Assasinated Man." My PS3 Argonian Sadique Shimmer was quite disappointed when she could not use the containers in that beautiful home. She a...

Maria Elena Captain's Cabin

by Spirited Treasure

Many times with new characters I like to claim the Maria Elena as my own for a while. It's free, safe housing for beginners. The method of claiming it is quite amusing to me. I've noticed that all but one container in the Captain's cabin respawn...