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Nine Dragons Katana Demo

by Drakkmore

2017-06-01 03:47:45

"Part of the May Modathon Month" This is just a small demo of the mod I wanted to enter in the Modathon, but I ran out of time with all I wanted to do with the mod. Outside the Census, and Excise office in Seyda Neen, there is a trapdoor that leads to an underground Imperial structure. Inside thi...

[size= large]Loot Well Urned [/size] [size= large](An Ancestral Tomb Loot Enhancement Mod)[/size] [size= large][i][u][b]"Part of the May Modathon Month!"[/b][/size][/i][/u] [size= large]_______________________________________[/size] [size= large]I always found it dull that the only loot you co...

MCP Python

by Hrnchamd and Psyringe

2011-07-28 23:19:41

-------------------- Morrowind Code Patch -------------------- crafted by Hrnchamd at Sun's Reach tempered and polished by Psyringe version 2.4 About ----- Morrowind is a game of great depth, a huge world, incredibly extensible and with a thriving community. Unfortunately it's also full of bu...

Morrowind Code Patch

by Hrnchamd and Psyringe

2011-07-28 23:17:47

-------------------- Morrowind Code Patch -------------------- crafted by Hrnchamd at Sun's Reach tempered and polished by Psyringe version 2.4 About ----- Morrowind is a game of great depth, a huge world, incredibly extensible and with a thriving community. Unfortunately it's also full of bu...

Beautiful Books Volume I: Grimoires

by Stuporstar

2017-05-01 12:39:20

From left to right: alteration, conjuration, destruction, illusion, mysticism, and restoration

This mod adds eight unique grimoires, one for each school of magic: alteration, conjuration, destruction, illusion, mysticism, and restoration, as well as two special ones. The Dwemer grimoire is related to enchanting, and the necromancer's grimoire has a special effect. Each one is colored rela...

Myron Reducto's Shrinkwand

by Stuporstar

2017-05-01 12:29:29

A wand that can shrink creatures and npcs. It comes with several settings: - Small - Smaller - Smallest - Teensy - Wee - Titlin' - Kleiner - Frappe The wand can be found lying around the Balmora Mage's Guild, on the desk near the travel npc. To use the wand, equip it and exit inventory. After y...

Books of Vvardenfell

by Stuporstar

2013-08-03 22:34:34

This simple mod adds over 50 new lore-friendly books to Morrowind. However, these are not just guide books designed to make stuff easier to look up while you play the game (though they serve that purpose well). Each book has its own author, a person who exists somewhere in Nirn (not necessarily ...

Propylons (Master Index Mod)

by CDCooley and Stuporstar

2013-12-22 21:19:14

This is a small update on CDCooley's Propylons 1.1 Version 1.2 fixes an error in the "little secret" topic that could make your game CTD. While I was at it, I cleaned up all the typos and punctuation errors. I merged this mod more fully with the Master Index Plugin to include the travel options ...

Get Fezzed!

by Stuporstar

2013-02-28 23:51:57

In the Mournhold Great Bazaar sits an accursed fez. Donning the accursed fez will grant you the spell "Get Fezzed!" which will stick a humiliating dinky fez on any npc. You must wear the fez to cast the spell, and the fez will make you bald -- because it's funnier that way, that's why. Also incl...

Stinkers 2.0 to 3.0 Upgrader

by Stuporstar

2013-09-10 18:50:36

This is an upgrade patch for any mod with built-in Stinkers 2.0 compatibility. It will replace all Stinkers 2.0 resources with Stinkers 3.0 resources. Run this mod continuously alongside Stinkers 3.0 to ensure all 2.0 resources are automatically replaced as you play the game. Though this mod upd...

FreshStart: Blank Chargen

by Stuporstar

2015-07-13 12:31:12

This mod wipes out Morrowind's original chargen sequence in the cleanest way possible. Nothing's deleted, just disengaged. It's designed as a blank slate for you to mod your character's backstory however you like. With a little CS knowhow, you can treat it like a D&D character sheet. The main qu...

Twisted Forks

by Stuporstar

2014-07-18 21:40:00

Are you sick of not being able to place cutlery down like a normal person because the mesh is awkwardly turned sideways? Then this mod is for you! This mod fixes the meshes so you can put them down with ease. It does however require an ESP, because now all the silverware in the game is turned sid...

Crate Texture Resource

by Stuporstar

2013-02-24 03:08:05

Just a simple photoshop resource for making new crates, because I wanted something a little nicer for tea crates. It's only 256x256, because I found I didn't need anything bigger, even after putting logos on the sides (you'll have to supply your own for those.) It has several layers you can toggl...

ST Wearable Towels

by Stuporstar

2013-08-25 22:03:09

This is a modder's resource for Morrowind. There are none placed in the game world in the esp. It adds six wearable towels, each with a male and female version. The towels are slotted as a shirt rather than a skirt so the upper legs wouldn't disappear. It uses the groin bodypart, which will disap...

Stuporstar's Functional Dice

by Stuporstar

2014-06-30 14:33:07

These dice were all placed in-game.

This modder's resource has six varieties of Paedrus' dice, UV mapped and textured by me. The esp has a script that allows you to "roll" the dice every time you drop them in menu mode. It orients the die so all numbers have a random chance to face up. It also randomly skews its position so it look...

Statics to Activators

by Stuporstar

2016-12-23 21:38:25

Converts most of MW statics objects to activators for use in town building mods, scripted furniture, or whatever.

Uvirith (Telvanni) Modder's Resource

by Stuporstar

2016-12-24 15:37:10

Open Observation Tower

A huge modder's resource including all the Telvanni meshes I made or altered for use in Uvirith's Legacy and related mods. Many of these were cobbled together from original meshes and resources other people made. Includes inverted meshes based on Donner Gott's resource, using Champion of Hircine...

Uvirith's Legacy 2.0

by Stuporstar

2012-05-22 12:50:29

This is the old version of Uvirith's Legacy. For the new version, click on the mirror link below.

The Tea Mod

by Stuporstar

2013-03-26 21:57:29

This mod adds 30 teas (including blacks, greens, and herbals) and 6 different coffees to the game, as well as a few tasty treats. Each is an ingredient with unique alchemical properties, and can be brewed into potions with similar alchemical effects. 20 different tea sets are for sale, as well as...

Animated Targets and Practice Dummies

by Stuporstar

2013-09-08 19:34:15

Archery Targets

This is an update on both Acidbasick's animated practice dummy and Bud_Lyte_kNight's scripting. The practice dummies gain health as the player levels up, in increments of 100. If you destroy your dummy and clear it away, it will be replaced in three days. Version 3.0: Adds animations to the arc...

Uvirith's Legacy 3.0 and 3.1 - BAIN

by Stuporstar

2013-09-11 05:53:08

I have repackaged Uvirith's Legacy 3.0 and Uvirith's Legacy 3.1 into one BAIN archive for easier upgrading by permission from Stuporstar. ======================================================================= From the readme about upgrading UL 3.0 to UL 3.1 [quote]7. From there, you can ...

ST Smith & Crafting Resource

by Stuporstar

2014-07-18 14:29:01

This mod originally started as a lavaforge resource, but I've since expanded it to include many of my new blacksmithing-related meshes and fireplaces. This mod is a resource only, though you can find all the stuff in a cell called ST_Smith_Testcell for easy copy/pasting. This resource will event...

Rincewind's Luggage

by Stuporstar and Arcimaestro Antares

2014-10-22 19:34:07

This too-faithful companion from Discworld has arrived in Morrowind and is waiting for a new master. Find it in the Balmora Mages Guild. If you can convince it to follow you, it will follow you anywhere (with the optional MWSE add-on). It's also protective of its master and will bite anything tha...

Mesh Improvements Optimized

by Stuporstar

2014-11-14 00:39:43

I made this mesh replacer because many objects in MGSO 3.0 were improperly smoothed, massively bloating their poly-counts, and they often had broken or stretched UV maps. I significantly reduced the poly-counts compared to MGSO 3.0 while retaining the same quality or better. All meshes are desig...

Quest Tweaks and Alternatives

by Stuporstar

2014-11-22 15:17:28

This mod adds more options to Morrowind's original quests, fleshes out some quest related dialogue, and makes minor tweaks to a few quest rewards. This mod does not add whole new quests, and does not remove original content. Version 1 is primarily mage focused, because those quests are the ones...