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ST Alchemy

by Stuporstar

2014-11-28 17:10:45

This mod upgrades the assets of Sri's Alchemy and also provides a lite version of Sri's Alchemy that DOES NOT include changes to Morrowind's original ingredients. Much like Sri's Alchemy, the base mod also adds Sri's ingredients to leveled lists and makes them available for sale, as well as doing...


by Thexare

2017-04-21 23:40:35

Repherion is a small subterranean dwelling up on a hill along the road from Pelagiad to Balmora. It's in the style of the Ancestral Tombs, with one section more akin to a Velothi dome. There's not much in the way of items inside; some minor furnishings, a steel blade or two, and a few alchemy pla...

Changing the proportions of the skeleton

by CemKey

2017-03-10 02:46:05

I think that for so many years everyone has noticed that the protagonist and the NPC are disproportionately long-legged (especially calf). So I cut them. If you think that my version is wrong, then offer your options. PS Because of the short legs, now the hem of the robes to the ground and even l...

Sparebeds for vanilla houses

by Emma

2011-08-06 17:19:50

==================================== README - SPAREBEDS FOR VANILLA HOUSES ==================================== Version: 1.0 Date: 2011-06-26 Category: Buildings, player owned home, companionfriendly Requirements: Oblivion Author: Emma Contact e-mail:, emma@lovkull...

Correspondances of Morrowind

by Cliffworms

2017-02-11 05:51:50

Tribunal Temple handbill

Correspondances of Morrowind adds new reading content to your game by placing around 190 new documents around Vvardenfell’s, Mournhold’s and Solstheim’s cities and dungeons. These new documents include correspondances between people, interesting potion recipes, special instructi...

Ancient Foes

by Darkelfguy

2017-01-19 03:35:05

Along the northern coast of the Sheogorad, a lone cottage sits isolated from the world, where time seemingly passes by unnoticed. Here lives the reclusive Odmlir Wulfharth, a warrior of the famed Nordic Wulfharth clan who resides all alone in this barren landscape, but this is no simple hermit se...

Yuletide Homestead

by The Symbiote Dinosaur

2017-01-10 16:55:27

DESCRIPTION: Adds a homestead in the azura's coast region. _____________________________________________ INSTALLATION: Extract the file "Nordic House" into your Morrowind Data Files folder and activate it in your launcher. __________________________________________________________________ REQU...

A Lord's Men

by Arjan Wardekker, WHReaper

2014-09-25 18:21:13

[size= large]A Lord's Men 2.5.0 unofficial update[/size] 2.1 changes: - All dialogue entries for Mercenary representative changed from ID filter to new class ALM_Mercenary_Representative - Created new Mercenary representatives for Hlaalu guards, Imperial guards, etc. - Created script for eve...

Atronach Expansion

by Melchior Dahrk

2012-09-10 09:43:18

1. Description 2. Requirements 3. Installing the plug-in 4. Playing the plug-in 5. Save games 6. Conflicts/Known Errors 7. Credits 8. Contact and Information 9. Legal Stuff/Disclaimer 10. Changelog =============== 1. DESCRIPTION =============== This mod takes several community resources as well...


by Fliggerty, et al

2016-06-10 08:30:45

Resources (presumbably scripts) generated during the July, 2009 Great House Fliggerty modding workshop on creating scripted spells. A [url=]transcript[/url] of the workshop discussion is also available.

Lucky Coins

by Danae

2016-05-28 05:59:50

[color=#ff0000]Lucky Coins[/color] by Danae [color=#ff9900]Part of the May Modathon Month 2016[/color] [color=#888888]This mod adds very rare coins that will grant you minor buffs so long as you have them in your inventory.[/color] [color=#888888]There are 90 different coins in total with a tot...

A Bard's Life

by Danae

2011-08-12 02:16:36

This mod covers many aspects of being a Bard in Morrowind. [color=#ff6600]As a bard, you may do the following:[/color] - Look like a bard holding a lute or carrying one on you back. - Play 40 different tunes because you like music. - Perform in inns to earn gold and based on your skill, ge...

Cave of Wonders

by Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

2016-05-31 19:41:41

This Mod is a Proud Participant of 2016 May Modathon, hosted by Darkelfguy! This is my first official full mod released, so I hope that you enjoy it!The Cave of Wonders is filled with beautiful sights, many monster to fight, treasure, and your possible demise. It is lost somewhere in the West Ga...

Tamrielic Lore

by PikachunoTM

2016-05-09 01:17:56

Lower Floor Overview

; Tamrielic Lore ; A mod by PikachunoTM ; Release Version 1.1, build 2 ; Description // This mod is a personal project intending to bring more artifacts to the Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold, Museum of Artifacts. It adds in everything missing from Tamrielic Lore (and more!). // ; Notice //...

Feyiin's Troubles

by Danae

2016-05-29 04:51:03

This mod adds an NPC, Feyiin to the region around Seyda Neen. He needs help and will reward you for your efforts. Feyiin has a small cave somewhere between Seyda Neen and Pelagiad and you are welcome to use it. The cave has 2 rooms: one with basic NOM facilities and stoage, the other with a bed, ...


by Alaisiagae, WHReaper

2014-02-03 19:17:10

========================================= ================ Crossbows ================ ========================================= # Introduction ============================================================================== This mod adds five new crossbows to the game - Iron, Silver, Bonemold,...

Ald Redaynia

by WHReaper

2015-12-31 16:51:51

Local Fisherman

========================================= ============== Ald Redaynia 1.0.2 ============= ========================================= # Introduction ============================================================================== In game dialogue mentions Ald Redaynia as village, but in game, th...

Dwemer blinking lights

by qqqbbb

2012-10-18 08:25:53

With this mod lights in dwemer ruins don't pulse but blink occasionally. Broken lights constantly blink. Blinking rate is controlled by global variable DL_BlinkRate which has default value of 1000. To change it use console command "set DL_BlinkRate to 'a number'". Decrease value of DL_BlinkRate t...

Of Dungeons and Abodes

by Darkelfguy

2016-04-24 11:33:07

[b][img][/img][/b] [b]Description[/b] In the sleepy town of Gnaar Mok, a young Dunmer by the name of Daviimir Velodil searches frantically for his missing uncle. Naive and scared about the dangers of the w...

Morrowind Containers Animated v1.2

by qqqbbb

2012-09-08 08:35:09

MW Containers Animated v1.2 This mod adds open/close animation to all containers that should have animation. Meshes are by Phaedrus and Arcimaestro Anteres, based on Bethesda's meshes. For the mod to work properly you need to download [url=download--139]Morrowind Code Patch v2.1[/url] and enabl...

Sixth House Melchoir

by DonnerGott

2016-03-27 20:12:56

During the MQ, you may meet some Dreamer refugees; after the MQ, you get to have a Sixth House inspired Bar and Grill. A mod linked actively with the progress of the Main Quest. The PC can meet and assist some resistant Dreamers hiding in a shielded refuge. There are some quests and rewards invo...

Tre Sma Grisar's Lair

by DonnerGott

2016-03-27 18:28:27

This is an Easter Egg, Stocking-Stuffer, side-track mod. It mostly takes place on Solstheim, except for an Imperial Legion questline.

Walled City of Balmora

by Hargreth, Arcimaestro Antares, Lucien Fairfax, WHReaper

2013-12-06 00:43:43

========================================= =========== Walled City of Balmora 1.6c ========= ========================================= # Introduction ============================================================================== This mod adds a wall around the entire city, with 5 guard towers...

White Suran 2 - MD Edition

by Melchior Dahrk, Basswalker

2012-10-20 18:38:18

========================== White Suran 2 - MD Edition ========================== by Melchior Dahrk v1.3 [color=#ff0000][url=]VIDEO SHOWCASE[/url][/color] Description ======================= I don't like most of the unique city textures mods, but White Suran is the ex...

Wrye Python 08

by Wrye

2016-03-07 15:11:58

Wrye Python 08 is the last Python package before the Wrye Bash team removed it from Nexus.