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Better Propylon Index Stones

by iamnone

2015-10-01 01:33:10

--- Better Propylon Index Stones --- (mod for TESIII: Morrowind) by iamnone This mod makes the propylon index stones more useful. Compatible with Master Index. Improvements: - Each index can be used to teleport to its stronghold (costs 10 magicka). - Weight of each index reduced to 0.2 unit...

Autumn Textures


2015-10-03 13:29:34

This mod will retexture a few of the landscape texture in the Ascadian region, the Bitter coast region, and the West Gash region. Not all the land textures will are retextured so the regions still look unique, just with a bit of broken twigs and fallen leaves on the ground.

Adamantium Armor Boost

by iamnone

2015-10-01 01:29:03

Note: This simple mod contains the Adamantium Armor tweaks from my old Official Plugins Collection archive. Created because the GOG version of Morrowind includes the official plugins (rendering OPC unnecessary unless you want the GMST removals). --- Adamantium Armor Boost --- (mod for TESIII: M...

The City of Balmora


2015-09-30 04:13:46

This city overhual adds many details and buildings that I decided Balmora was lacking. Now Balmora is more detailed and has new buildings, however most of these new buildings are not accessable for the main reason that I hate doing the same interior over and over again, how I handled this is that...

West Gash rock retexture


2015-09-28 04:50:39

This mod will retexture the rocks in the West Gash region.

Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul

by PeterBitt and Logitech

2014-06-21 16:28:30

[i][/i] MAO is a comprehensive overhaul of the sound and music system in Morrowind. The original game has very few environmental sounds, the player and NPC sounds are very repetitive, many sounds are of poor quality and the same soundtrack is playing all the time and everywhere. MAO attempts to i...

Take Notes

by qqqbbb

2015-09-17 02:44:04

[b]Take Notes v1.0[/b] This mod allows you to place and write notes. For this you will need an inkwell, a quill pen and a blank paper. To write a note place paper anywhere you want and activate it. [u]Requirements:[/u] [url=]MWSE v0.9.5[/url] [u]Issue...

Morrowind Weapons Replacer

by mangumpi

2015-09-22 17:34:45

This replaces some of the weapons in Morrowind. Check out the WIP thread for specifics.

Ald-Ruhn Arena

by John Kahler

2015-09-22 22:53:54

(This plug-in requires Tribunal + Bloodmoon installed.) Battle it out in the new Ald'ruhn Arena! Just like the arena in Oblivion, you can walk on in, place a bet, watch a fight, and collect your winnings! Choose from a 10 gold entrance fee, which you may win on, or pay 100 or even 1000 gold pi...

TR Mainland Grasscover

by Vurt

2015-09-02 11:09:31

"Grass_TR_Mainland.esp" adds Vurt's grass to whole TR_Mainland.esm (requires Vurt's Groundcover mod: [url=][/url]). I also recommend using Muspila's TR grass mod ([url=

The City of Ald-ruhn


2015-09-03 02:35:16

This is a project I started to expand one of my favorite places in the game and make it into a city instead of a town. I used vanilla and Tamriel Rebuilt assets to accomplish my project. I believe this mod will help make Ald-Ruhn worthy of the Redoran name. Several buildings and interiors have ...

Necromancer's Abode

by LadyPhoenixFireRose

2015-07-01 14:27:36

This is an Alpha version of my necromancer house mod. As of right now it just the base structure of the house, there has not been much detailing done, and no furniture or decorating has been added. With future releases I will be adding those things, as well as various new features to it. The purp...

Telvanni Teleporter

by hollaajith

2015-09-01 05:00:32

Adds several NPCs which transport you between the Telvanni Lords' towers at Tel Arhun, Tel Branora, Tel Mora, Tel Naga (Sadrith Mora), Tel Uvirith, Tel Vos and Arvs-Drelen (Gnisis). Transportation to/from Gnisis is only possible after Baladas joins the council and similarly, Tel Uvirith transport...

Pearls Enhanced

by Melchior Dahrk

2015-09-01 20:44:42

Pearls Enhanced by Melchior Dahrk Description ------------------ Makes pearl diving more exciting by adding nine new varieties of pearls to find in your submarine travels! Now when you open up various kollops you have a chance to find one of the 7 new qualities of pearls or 1 of 2 rare types. T...

The Tea Mod

by Stuporstar

2013-03-26 21:57:29

This mod adds 30 teas (including blacks, greens, and herbals) and 6 different coffees to the game, as well as a few tasty treats. Each is an ingredient with unique alchemical properties, and can be brewed into potions with similar alchemical effects. 20 different tea sets are for sale, as well as...

Shields for Vaernis Alloy Armors

by DonnerGott

2014-06-10 17:55:31

This mod adds three retextured Chitin shields that match the three similar armors by Vaernis. Those are the Dwemer Mk II, and the Light & Dark Steel Alloy armors. You can buy one of each from the same vendors that sell the armor; just load this ESP after those 2, or merge them. [url=http:/...

Christmas like snowflake texture


2015-05-04 16:22:45

YES I KNOW THIS LOOKS LIKE GUAR SHIT, JUST USE MY BETTER VERSION ON THIS SITE. A chrismas like snow texture I made for the solstheim/bloodmoon. To install just select the file named tx_bm_snowflakes_01 and move it to your morrowind/datafiles/textures folder and overrite the original texture. (...

Symbiote Dinosaur's Role-Playing Tweaks


2015-08-17 09:29:44

This mod I made so that some things in morrowind would seem more unique. CHANGES MADE: Dwarven weapons have been renamed to Dwemer Weapons. Redoran Guards have been renamed to Redoran Knights, they now also have a few peices of better gear. Hlaalu Guards have been renamed to Hlaalu Soldiers,...


by Lika0n

2012-12-02 10:36:47

Adds several nordic medium sized islands at the northest of Solstheim. It also adds : - 3 Towns : Eternae (2 ext. cells) with a lot of merchants, Huntaar (1 ext. cell) and Westfeld (1 ext. cell) - 1 ashlander camp - 1 lighthouse - 1 daedric ruin - 2 dwemer ruins - a lot of nordic tombs and cav...

Inverted Hlaalu Exteriors

by DonnerGott

2015-08-12 21:03:47

Modders resource consisting of 26 inverted Hlaalu building exteriors. Includes an ESP with the model in an interior Demo cell.

Arena Style Cursor


2015-08-07 02:28:56


This is a Retexture of the cursor to make it look like the Cursor in the first elder scrolls game. More information in the ReadMe.

Inverted Container Corpses

by DonnerGott

2015-08-09 22:03:29

Just a small mod with the container skeletons 10 and 20 looking Left, instead of Right. Also has the Moldy Bones version, for a total of four new skelly containers. Contains ESP with all four laid next to vanilla versions on the top of the Pelagiad keep. This wasn't enough to upgrade Moldy Bo...

Cell Sized LOD Water Plane

by Arthmoor

2011-08-23 22:04:25

CS Water Planes

Bodies of water. They're everywhere in the game. The most obvious of which are Lake Rumare and the Niben Bay. They're both distant visible all the time. But what about your big lake in the hills? Or the lake outside of Cheydinhal? Or any other body of water which is raised above sea level? No, th...

Illy's Hot Pots

by Illuminiel

2014-07-28 01:47:57

This is a mesh and texture replacer mod for the in game calcinators and retorts. Each apparatus now has coals that flicker and the calcinators have steam escaping from their chimneys, textures have detail maps to make them stand out a little more. The secret master calcinator and secret master ...

Illy's Bedspreads

by Illuminiel

2015-05-16 20:58:14

***** "Illy's Bedspreads" by Illuminiel ***** Version: 1.0 *************************************************************************** What the Mod does: *************************************************************************** A texture replacer for the bedspreads - and pillows (note: pi...