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Fargoth's House of Earthly Delights

by TwilotSpankle

2015-11-28 15:35:01

Replaces the 3 girls with Fargoth at Desele's House of Earthly Delights Requirements: Morrowind Thank you DestinedToDie for the Help :3

Ayleid Remnants

by John Kahler

2015-11-26 04:13:59

Adds in 4 Ayleid style places to Solstheim, and one NEXT to Solstheim. I was intending to have the internal architecture like what you see in Oblivion, but it just wasn’t going to happen with my current skills. And if I had gone that way, it would’ve looked pretty bad. :D There would&...


by Neoptolemus

2013-12-09 01:19:21

Wyrmhaven is a tiny island far to the west of Solstheim, claimed at various times by a clan of Chimer fleeing the wars with the Dwarves, a fire-breathing dragon, a band of Nordic exiles, the Breton Kingdom of Farrun, and the Septim Empire. The closing years of the Third Era see a rich trading por...

More Gondoliers

by TwilotSpankle

2015-11-21 07:58:19

Adds a gondolier to the cantons that did not previously have them, and also gives each existing gondolier an extra location to take you to

Imperial Library Obscure Texts

by TwilotSpankle

2015-11-16 20:33:36

This mod adds all texts from the "Obscure Texts" page on the Imperial Library found here: All books are placed in specific places, and are not random. For most, there is only 1 copy of the book, so dont sell them if you want to have a collec...

Bury Your Treasure

by Neoptolemus

2015-11-07 16:22:08

A role playing mod that allows you to dig a hole in any exterior cell to put your loot in. Simply purchase a shovel from any outfitter, equip it, and press attack while holding sneak. A 'hole' will appear at your feet which can be used as a container. The container can only be opened if you have ...

Morrowind Comes Alive

by Neoptolemus

2014-04-01 00:55:20

Adds 1200 NPCs to over 550 cells via leveled lists to bring Morrowind to life. All NPCs have random heads, hair, and equipment (so no two will look the same), and appear and disappear at random. This 'rotation' simulates people travelling to and from towns, and going in and out of taverns, shops,...

Carts and Wagons Resource

by Neoptolemus

2015-11-02 21:53:47

Adds three new meshes to Morrowind: one wooden hand cart, and two variants of a larger twin-axle wagon - one with a canopy and one without. All were pieced together in NifSkope out of existing Morrowind meshes and textures. Included is a simple demo mod adding some of the new meshes to various p...

The Undead

by Neoptolemus

2015-11-04 01:53:19

Adds 300+ new undead enemies to the leveled lists of Vvardenfell, Solstheim, and the Mournhold Sewers. Every creature has its own unique mesh, thanks to the amazing power of NifSkope. The new undead will appear in the appropriate tombs/caves/dungeons, and some in exterior cells after dark. The U...

Ships of the Imperial Navy

by Neoptolemus

2015-11-06 02:49:05

This mod places galleons crewed by Imperial sailors in various places around Morrowind. You will see galleons at Ebonheart, Wolverine Hall, Dagon Fel, Seyda Neen and Fort Frostmoth. All sailors are scripted to disappear at night. Two galleon models have been used: the Elizabethan galleon by dongl...

Vegtabill’s Threads of the Webspinner

by vegtabill

2015-10-21 01:29:14

The vanilla version of the Threads of the Webspinner (TotW) is a little too open and too unguided to be a functional, completable "quest". Put another way, it is nearly impossible to finish TotW and acquire Mephala's Skill without 1) consulting some out-of-game resource (like the UESP Wiki or the...

Improved Cursed Items

by Neoptolemus

2015-11-01 21:59:18

This simple mod alters the 'BILL_MarksDaedraSummon' script that is attached to certain items placed upon the altars of Daedric shrines around Vvardenfell. Normally, picking up the items will spawn a Dremora Lord behind you, which gets boring after a while. With this mod enabled, picking up the it...

Birds and Crickets

by Neoptolemus

2015-11-01 22:02:19

Adds an ambient loop whenever the player is in an exterior cell, with birds and insects in the daytime, and crickets at night. Loops are disabled in bad weather, and will not play in the Ashlands, in Mournhold (which has its own ambient sounds), and on Solstheim. Can be used alongside other soun...

Container Sounds

by Neoptolemus

2015-11-01 22:04:16

Adds an appropriate opening sound to all crates, barrels, chests, pots, urns, cupboards, closets, drawers, desks and sacks. Sounds are added via a simple script which should not impact fps. I also modified some of the chests in Daedric ruins to use the Daedric chest mesh that came with Bloodmoon....

Dunmer Strongholds Expanded

by Neoptolemus

2015-11-01 22:12:56

Expands the eleven Dunmer Strongholds on Vvardenfell by adding large, multi-level dungeons generated with the GenMod utility. Basically does for the strongholds what Zappara's 'Tombs Expanded' mod did for the Ancestral Tombs. The dungeons are filled with either Daedra, Undead or 6th House leveled...


by Neoptolemus

2015-11-01 22:19:28

Adds ten types of Golem to Morrowind's leveled lists. Golems will spawn in the appropriate regions (Mud Golems in the Bitter Coast, Ash Golems in the Molag Amur etc), and around Daedric Ruins. The Golems are based on a modified Storm Atronach mesh, and use all vanilla textures. Included is an ad...

Mummified Dunmer Unbandaged

by Neoptolemus

2015-11-01 22:26:47

Adds random Dunmer mummies (like the ones in the Caverns of the Incarnate) to the urns in the tombs across Vvardenfell. It uses leveled lists, so there's a one in five chance you'll find one of six types of mummy when you check inside an urn. Collect them all! You can pick them up, carry them aro...

Ranked Dremora

by Neoptolemus

2015-11-01 22:39:10

This mod completely overhauls the Dremora in Morrowind, making them more like they are in Oblivion - that is, divided into seven ranks. I have also changed their weapons to inferior versions of the daedric ones. This makes daedric weapons a lot more scarce on Vvardenfell, as they should be. All D...

Daggerfall Province Map menu retexture


2015-10-15 11:23:20

A main menu retexture made from heavily edited versions of the Daggerfall province map. I found the image that I used here thank you to UESP for providing the image.

Better Propylon Index Stones

by iamnone

2015-10-01 01:33:10

--- Better Propylon Index Stones --- (mod for TESIII: Morrowind) by iamnone This mod makes the propylon index stones more useful. Compatible with Master Index. Improvements: - Each index can be used to teleport to its stronghold (costs 10 magicka). - Weight of each index reduced to 0.2 unit...

Autumn Textures


2015-10-03 13:29:34

This mod will retexture a few of the landscape texture in the Ascadian region, the Bitter coast region, and the West Gash region. Not all the land textures will are retextured so the regions still look unique, just with a bit of broken twigs and fallen leaves on the ground.

Adamantium Armor Boost

by iamnone

2015-10-01 01:29:03

Note: This simple mod contains the Adamantium Armor tweaks from my old Official Plugins Collection archive. Created because the GOG version of Morrowind includes the official plugins (rendering OPC unnecessary unless you want the GMST removals). --- Adamantium Armor Boost --- (mod for TESIII: M...

The City of Balmora


2015-09-30 04:13:46

This city overhual adds many details and buildings that I decided Balmora was lacking. Now Balmora is more detailed and has new buildings, however most of these new buildings are not accessable for the main reason that I hate doing the same interior over and over again, how I handled this is that...

West Gash rock retexture


2015-09-28 04:50:39

This mod will retexture the rocks in the West Gash region.

Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul

by PeterBitt and Logitech

2014-06-21 16:28:30

[i][/i] MAO is a comprehensive overhaul of the sound and music system in Morrowind. The original game has very few environmental sounds, the player and NPC sounds are very repetitive, many sounds are of poor quality and the same soundtrack is playing all the time and everywhere. MAO attempts to i...