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Pelagiad Provisions 1.3

by Crankgorilla

2011-08-11 03:03:16

Pelagiad Provisions Version 1.3 By Crankgorilla February 2011 Description: A store in Pelagiad stocking a wide range of items and weapons. Cleaned with Enchanted Editor Credits: (See Credits Folder for README files) Version 1.41 available at the mirror link.

Vivec Chine Furnishings 1.0

by Crankgorilla

2012-09-23 18:53:47

Travel to Vivec, Foreign Quarter Upper Waistworks to explore a variety of furniture imported from afar. Overview A store that offers a selection of furniture from Adele. Each uses the Dracus script which allows easy placement in your home. Credits - Adele Messenger Bouricius - Shannon - Khajiit...

Suran Supplies 1.1

by Crankgorilla

2012-01-20 03:54:43

A custom store that specializes in exclusive potions. Consider stopping to Barter at Suran Supplies next time you visit the township. Features Games that require heavy potion use will find this useful. Suran Supplies location is descreet and made to be compatable with any other mod running in ...

Ascadian Caravan 1.1

by Crankgorilla

2013-02-03 04:29:31

Ascadian Caravan Version 1.1 Travel to Molag Mar, The Pilgrims Rest, and meet with an Argonian operative of the Mages Guild. A researcher for the guild has not reported in and concerns have been raised for his whereabouts. Credits All resource readme files in included Credits folder. - Gypsy...

Beasts of Vvardenfell 1.35

by Crankgorilla

2014-03-27 20:51:26

Beasts of Vvardenfell Version 1.35 ----------------- Description Adds creatures to the leveled lists. They will spawn along with the standard creatures and add more variety to the line up. Collected here are over 80 creatures from around the community. Each one has been balanced to provide an...

Western Lookout 1.0

by Crankgorilla

2011-10-04 04:41:39

Travel to the House of Earthly Delights in Suran to meet with a Knight who has an interesting proposal. A small pod house mod on the cliffs above a Daedric ruin. Features a unique crystal transport system that goes to many locations around Morrowind.

Gnisis Waterfront 1.0

by Crankgorilla

2011-10-04 04:59:21

Adds a tent/marque to Gnisis riverfront. A Shipmaster is running a supply link and allows travel up and down the river. A place to rest and storage options are available. Some custom decor and a unique environment highlight. *Concept mod, exterior living.

Bridgewater Blacksmith 1.1

by Crankgorilla

2011-08-23 11:48:28

A place to stop in and shop in Ebonheart. Features include Dreugh and Newtscale armour sets by Quorn and a selection of shields by Georgius Septim. Look for an new bridge off the main courtyard to find the entrance. Cleaned with Enchanted Editor

Battle at Buckmoth 1.0

by Crankgorilla

2014-02-02 05:27:33

Description A Herald has arrived at Buckmoth Legion Fort calling forth all brave adventurers for a quest of peril and danger. A ring of power has been discovered which summons entrance to the Battle of Buckmoth! Ring the bell atop the walls and rally your troops. Push the evil forces back and win...

Pelagiad Provisions 1.41

by Crankgorilla

2012-10-11 19:55:49

A store in Pelagiad that buys and sells armour and weapons. On show are many items of custom content. Weapon stats have a particular balance and formula that will enhance combat. Various patrons of the store offer special items for sale and general conversation. Detailed environment. Subtle place...

Glass Daedric Ebony Appraisal 1.0

by Crankgorilla

2012-10-20 04:19:58

Removes a decimal point from the value of all glass, daedric and ebony items to help balance the Morrowind economy.

Vivec Weapons 1.1

by Crankgorilla

2012-07-12 02:38:25

A store in Vivec that stocks 31 custom weapons of quality. This mod makes use of these resources. - Schwaa's Custom Objects by Schwaa. - Weapon Pack by Dongle. - Egyptian Urns by Mystery05. - Blademaster by Fidel - Mounted heads by Hollow_Fang Readme files of all resources included ...

Weaver Supplies 1.0

by Crankgorilla

2012-07-08 22:13:59

A store in Ald-Velothi specialising in crossbow weaponry. This mod makes use of these resources.... - Adele's Furniture Conversion by Adele and Shannon - Don Salus Faces by Don Salus - Nimrod's Shop Signs by Nimrod - Night Doorlocks by LDones - Van Helsing Crossbow by Ki Shin Ju - Crossbow bolt...

Glass Appraisal 1.2

by Crankgorilla

2014-04-23 03:37:39

Makes the trade of glass pieces more practical in price. It also makes the items more readily available. It brings the price down to levels that make the items fit into the economy and Morrowind plays better without almost unlimited gold from selling single weapons (if you could find a merchant t...

Mistletoe Manor 1.1

by Crankgorilla

2011-08-23 11:33:37

Mistletoe Manor Location - Pelagiad. Requires - Only Morrowind. I built this as a beginner house for my Girlfriend. Hence the name. She had just discovered Morrowind and I wanted her to have a nicer home than the house at Balmora which is also available early in the game. I didn't want it to be...

Moonmoth Legion Home 1.2

by Crankgorilla

2011-10-31 14:42:16

A home in Moonmoth Legion Fort that features a wall sized aquarium. The home is furnished and has efficient storage options. A return home ring included. Scripted shrine that craves the blood of Daedra hearts! Scripted bathtub. Enjoy a relaxing scrub and wash away the dust of your travels. ...

Ruby Inn 1.0

by Crankgorilla

2011-10-26 16:16:10

Designed for Vos to be a little bit crazy, a crossroads of all peoples going to and from destinations. Many customers to interact with. The bar is stocked up with an excellent variety of beverages. It meant to be humourous and rough, like a location of this type would be. You get your own room if...

Ultimate Knight Shop Leveled 1.0

by Crankgorilla

2014-03-30 01:38:24

Ultimate Knight Shop Leveled Version 1.0 All items will appear randomly throughout your quests, as would regular items in chests and appropriate locations. Required Mod Dependancy - Ultimate Knight Shop by Orry, aka "The Hand of God" Download - or by ...

Vos Cottage 1.0

by Crankgorilla

2012-06-19 21:43:54

Trade has bought wealth to Vos and new construction has taken place. Be among the first to place bid for new real estate. Travel to Varo Tradehouse in Vos to purchase a ring that will grant access to the mysterious cottage. A trade route has been establised from Vos to Molag Mar and a new port h...

Two Birds Outdoor Bakery v1.1

by Crankgorilla

2013-04-22 21:35:13

This mod places a Baker in the foreign quarter of Vivec. He sells pies, has some dialog and is there to make the place look nicer. He is in an outside location on the ground floor of the canton. Version 1.1 Update - Makes the foods into slow leaching alchemy, at a decent price. Stock up when pas...

Ald-ruhn Expansion 1.62

by Crankgorilla

2011-08-27 17:31:32

[b][/b]With the passing of years Ald-ruhn is striving to be the hub of commerce in Vaardenfell. With the help of the Imperial Legion at Buckmoth, the citizens of Ald-ruhn have achieved a boost in commerce and prosperity. New features celebrate the taming of the once inhospitable wilds and all but...

Pelagiad Provisions 1.52

by Crankgorilla

2014-03-27 19:43:33

A store in the Pelagiad main street offering an excellent selection of high quality goods. Presented in a high detail environment, armour, weapons and various items are for sale. Pelagiad Provisions 1.52 is designed to be an enticing stop for equipment armour weapons and items, a place you will r...

Enhanced Economics 1.2

by Crankgorilla

2011-08-11 03:24:40

With the passing of time the Vvardenfell economy grows. New trade links and previously unexplored regions have been opened for trade and although many dangers still exist, trade has expanded to the four corners of the continent. More ingredients have become available. More weapons. More items. Mo...

Mistletoe Manor v1.3

by Crankgorilla

2014-02-01 22:42:37

A home in Pelagiad against the wall of the castle. Access to the castle is provided from within the home for resupply and trade. A temple shrine is also nearby for restoration of stats and cures for disease and blight. Travel to Pelagiad and trade for the ring that will grant access to the home f...

Mistletoe Manor 1.2

by Crankgorilla

2012-07-06 00:51:02

A cozy cottage in Pelagiad. Be the first to place a bid with Mara for ownership. Track her down along the eastern wall of Pelagiad to lay claim to the home. There you can learn more about the house and inspect the grounds. Overview Features include animated chests and cupboards. An alchemists la...